The Story

Taylor LaFever is a native of Shenandoah County, Virginia. He is a Indie-Country, Folk, and Americana singer, songwriter, and performer. Currently a candidate for a Master in Music Technology and Studio Production degree from Southern Utah University, it is likely you'll catch him at a local vineyard or brewery, he's been playing live shows in the Shenandoah Valley Region since his return from the West Coast. 

LaFever began writing his own songs around the age of 16. The traditional classroom where he had first learned saxophone and guitar hadn't kept his interest. He strived to develop his own sound, sing his own songs, and develop his own identity. He found that his raspy, folk voice sets him apart from the crowd and that his non-traditional music education gives him a different way at viewing songwriting. He got his chops playing on the streets in Bellingham, Washington. After finding some success there, booking shows and gaining some traction, he found himself yearning to return home to the people he loves.  

This has been a big year for Taylor. Moving back from Washington, beginning his Master's program, and beginning to book shows in the Valley, also anticipating the release of an EP with friend and Nashville artist Wyte Tyson. He also has been working with local artists Dylan Norquest and Kyle Ervin to produce more original music. Keep an eye out for live performances and upcoming releases! Sign up for the newsletter if you'd like to recieve updates on gigs, releases, and more!